Tri Delta

Epsilon Nu Chapter at Chapman University

Chapter Officers

Brianna Carcione

Chapter President

Brianna is currently serving as the 2017 Collegiate Chapter President for the Epsilon Nu Chapter of Tri Delta. As President, Bri has many responsibilities including, but not limited to, leading weekly chapter meetings, attending meetings for each committee (Standards, Officers Training Council, etc.), and acting as the main point for of contact for Epsilon Nu. Bri is a senior Integrated Educational Studies major with a minor in Language and Literacy and an emphasis in Disability Studies. She is from Northern California.

Samantha Souveroff

VP Administration

Samantha is currently serving as Vice President of Administration. She plans and executes Officer's Council meetings, manages administrative tasks for the chapter, and is a member of the Officer's Training Committee. Samantha is a senior from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, and is majoring in Integrated Educational Studies with a minor in History.

Allison Knaggs

VP Finance

Allison is our Vice President of Finance. As VPF, she manages the chapter's budget, keeps track of dues, and serves on the Standards Committee. She is a senior from Cleveland, Ohio, and is double majoring in Accounting and Marketing.

Stephanie Klunk

VP Membership

Stephanie is serving as the Chapter’s Vice President of Membership. As VPM, Stephanie is in charge of planning recruitment practices and events and leads the Membership Team. She is a Business Administration-Finance major and a Leadership Studies minor from San Francisco.

Bonnie Bering

VP Public Relations

Bonnie is our current Vice President of Public Relations. Bonnie manages the chapter's social media platforms, leads the PR Team, and plans events. She is a senior from Houston, Texas, with a major in Creative Producing and a minor in Advertising.

Sarah Taketa

VP Chapter Development

Sarah is Tri Delta’s current Vice President of Chapter Development. She plans all chapter ritual events such as initiation and leads the Standards Committee. She is a senior health science major from Redmond, Washington.

Nicole Koning


Nicole is our chapter Secretary. As secretary, Nicole takes minutes at meetings, writes and publishes the chapter's weekly newsletter and works on other administrative tasks. She is a junior from Livermore, California and is majoring in Biological Sciences.

Julianne Roller

Room Manager

Julianne is serving as Room Manager for Epsilon Nu this year. She organizes the chapter's storage unit, books rooms for events, and makes sure all proper materials brought to every chapter event. She is a senior Peace Studies major from Northbrook, Illinois.

Diana Camacho

Academic Development

Diana is currently serving as Academic Development Chair. She plans academic related events such as study halls and Pi Day (a celebration for members who received over a 3.14), and is a member of the Standards Committee. She is a junior from Brea, CA and is double majoring in Accounting and International Business with a Minor in Spanish

Karla Castillo

Continuing Education Chair

Karla is currently serving as our Continuing Education Chair. As CEC, Karla plans senior week events, teaches the chapter about the history and ritual of the fraternity, and is a member of the Officer's Training Committee. She is a senior business major with an emphasis in finance and management. Karla is from San Juan Capistrano, California.

Amanda Burtness

Member Development

Amanda is our Membership Development Chair. She facilitates our sisterhoods and retreats. Some of the recent events Amanda has planned are: a group session at a pilates studio, a 70's themed sisterhood retreat, and plenty of trips to get pizza or ice cream! She is from the Bay Area and is a junior double major in Theatre Technology and Audio and Video Design for Live Entertainment.

Audrey Woodsum

Music Chair

Audrey is currently serving as our Music Chair. Audrey teaches the chapter music for initiation and writes songs for the chapter to sing during recruitment. She is a junior Creative Writing major from San Diego.

Jess Stein

Body Image Coordinator

Jess is currently serving as Body Image Coordinator. As Body Image Coordinator, Jess will be planning our "Fat Talk Free Week", a week-long series of events that promote positive body image. She is a junior from Cupertino, California, and is studying Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Studio Art.

Mia Garcia

Reference Chair

Mia is currently serving as our chapter’s Reference Chairman. She deals with all of the behind-the-scenes aspects of recruitment. She is a senior with a double major in Health Science and Sociology. Mia is from Honduras.

Katherine Shields

New Member Educator

Katherine is currently serving as New Member Educator. Katherine assists our new members during the entire NM process by planning and leading new member meetings and helping new sisters get acclimated into the chapter. She is also a member of the Standards Committee. Katherine is a junior from Anaheim, California, majoring is Communication Studies and double minoring in Public Relations and Sociology.

Danelle Lucero

Assistant New Member Educator

Danelle is our Assistant New Member Educator. She assists Katherine in planning and leading new member meetings. She is a junior biological sciences major with a minor in psychology. She is from Tustin, CA and plans to become a doctor!

Kristi Kayoda

Assistant Recruitment Chair

Krisiti is currently serving as Assistant Recruitment Chair. She helps our VPM, Stephanie, plan and execute recruitment practices and events. Together, they are planning an awesome Formal Recruitment. Kristi is a junior from Montebello, CA and is double majoring in Integrated Educational Studies and English.

Jasmine Lucey

Sponsor Chair

Jasmine is currently serving as Sponsor Chair. As Sponsor Chair, she plans events for new members to meet active members and facilitates the big/little pairing process. She is a senior Business Administration major with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in English. She is from Oahu, Hawaii and loves pancakes!

Neetu Patel

Activities Chair

Neetu is serving as Activities Chair. She coordinates teams to participate in other chapters' events and keeps track of community service hours. She is a junior from Santa Cruz, CA, and is majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Psychology. She loves the beach, skydiving, and going on adventures.

Sydney Burke

Intramurals Chair

Sydney Burke is currently serving as Intramurals Chair. She assists the Neetu, our Activities Chair, in gathering members to participate in other chapters' philanthropy events (usually those that are sports related!) She is a senior from the Los Angeles area majoring in Strategic and Corporate Communication and minoring in Integrated Educational Studies.

Hanna Skane

Philanthropy Chair

Hanna is currently serving as our philanthropy chair. She plans our philanthropy events and helps strengthen Tri Delta's partnership with St. Jude by updating the chapter about their work. She is a junior from Riverside and is majoring in Health Sciences and is minoring in psychology.

Cassie Robertson


Cassie is currently serving as Treasuer. She assists Allison, our VPF, in all things money related by keeping track of the officers' budgets, managing purchase requests and reimbursements, and more. She is a senior Accounting major from Mission Viejo.

Cameron Knoblock


Cameron is our Licensing Chair. She designs all of the chapter's Tri Delta apparel to ensure the we're always looking good! She is a senior from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and is majoring in Public Relations and Advertising.

Mary Hall

Social Chair

Mary Hall is our current Social Chair. As Social Chair, Mary plans many of our events including date parties, formals, and exchanges. So far, Mary has planned a Great Gatsby themed Date Party and our fourth annual "Stars and Crescent Ball" themed formal. She is a senior from Kingsport, Tennessee, and is majoring in Business with an emphasis in Marketing.

Gabi Maddocks

Risk Management Chair

Gabi is currently serving as Risk Management Chair. She helps plan social events alongside Mary, teaches the chapter about possible risks we may encounter as college students, and makes sure our events go smoothly! She is a Senior from Newport Beach, CA, and is majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance, and a minor in Sociology.

Shay Morales

Panhellenic Delegate

Shay is our Panhellenic Delegate. She represents Tri Delta at weekly Panhellenic Meetings, communicates with other chapters to plan events, and notifies us about any events being held by other chapters . She is a junior TV Writing and Production major from Brooklyn, New York.

Julie Remen

Collegiate-Alumna Relations

Julie is currently serving as our Collegiate Alumnae Relations Chair. She communicates regularly with Epsilon Nu alumnae (as well as local alumnae chapters), plans events for active members and alumnae to reconnect, and helps plan our yearly Founder's Day celebration, where we get to celebrate Tri Delta's founding with all of the other Southern California chapters. She is a junior from Sacramento, California, and is majoring in Creative Producing and minoring in Leadership Studies.

Jenna Cagatao

Chapter Correspondent

Jenna is our Chapter Correspondent. She visits other chapters' meetings to get the word out about our events and helps manage our internal PR. She is junior from San Jose, California. Jenna is a Psychology major and has minors in Sociology and Disability Studies.

Bella Bendix

Assistant Philanthropy Chair

Bella is our Assistant Philanthropy Chair. She assists in planning events alongside our Philanthropy Chair, Hanna, and works to raise awareness on campus about St. Jude! Bella is a junior from Orange County and is double majoring in Psychology and Religious Studies.

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