Chapter Leadership

Karsyn Aoki

Chapter President

Karsyn is serving as the 2021 Collegiate Chapter President for the Epsilon Nu Chapter of Tri Delta. As President, Karsyn leads weekly chapter meetings, attends meetings for each committee (Standards, Officers Training Council, Membership Selection Committee, etc.), and acts as the main point of for contact for Epsilon Nu.

Natalie Huante

Vice President of Operations

Natalie manages the overall operations of the chapter, as well as officer accountability. Additionally, if the Collegiate Chapter President (CCP) cannot assume their duties for any reason, the VPO will assume the role of the CCP.

Mariana Juarez

Director of Financial Operations

Mariana manages the chapters budgeting and accounts payable. All questions regarding money going out or budgeting go to Mariana.

Azure Gilmore

Director of Administration

Azure assists in overall chapter business. The Director of Administration contributes to chapter operations by maintaining organized records and documenting chapter business meetings. All questions about points or calendar information goes through Azure.

Alyssa Agoado

Director of Member Finances

Alyssa manages and oversees individual member finances and accounts receivable. Contact the Director of Member Finances for any issue related to dues, payment plans, or as a way to contact the Finance Committee.

Katherine Hanna

Director of Facility Operations

Katherine oversees all administrative responsibilities involved in maintaining the chapter facility and/or Tri Delta territory. Her main priority is to instill a sense of community in and among the chapter. In the case of online school, refer to the Director of Facility Operations for any questions regarding Zoom links.

Isabella De La Torre

VP of Chapter Programming & Development

Isabella oversees the coordination and implementation of Tri Delta programs. She facilitates all opportunities to enrich the individual member experience.

Kate Sheafor

Director of Risk Management & Wellness

Kate provides risk education to members and oversees the implementation of risk management and wellness plans for the chapter. Kate is responsible for promoting a safe and secure environment.

Gabby Stein-Sigal

Director of Academic Excellence

Gabby serves as an expert on the chapter’s academic requirements and initiatives, and to ensure academics are a priority for both individual members and the chapter as a whole.

River Gayton

Director of Ceremonies and Rituals

River oversees the proper implementation of all Rituals and ceremonies. It is River's responsibility to preserve the integrity of Tri Delta Rituals and educate chapter members on their importance.

Kaili Delos Santos

VP Member Experience

Kaili coordinates all education, logistics and implementation of chapter recruitment efforts. Kaili will oversee all initiatives to engage the entire chapter and uphold all Tri Delta ideals during recruitment efforts and during the collegiate membership in Tri Delta – from the new member period through becoming alumni.

Claire Annino

Director of First Year Experience

Claire implements all programming to ensure new members are appropriately prepared for Initiation and integrated into the chapter during their first year as a member of Tri Delta. She will focus on belonging within the chapter to assist with the retention of members. She will empower new members to find community within the chapter as well as encourage initiated members in the integration of the new members to create a strong sisterhood.

Ryann Schochet

Director of Lifetime Membership

Ryann coordinates Sisterhood and Senior activities. She provides sound education of the traditions, relevance and Fraternity history to all events, activities and presentations, and to support the idea of lifelong membership in Tri Delta. Ryann spreads pride among members and to maintain the relationship with local and national alumnae members.

Kassie Hawkins

Director of Recruitment Events

Kassie plans all design efforts for recruitment and coordinate member involvement in the implementation of approved designs. Kassie will oversee committees and appointed officers to carry-out the execution of plans prior to recruitment rounds beginning.

Catie Beck

Director of Membership Selection

Catie contributes to a culture of year-round recruitment by collecting, processing and organizing all potential new members’ (PNMs) information obtained by the chapter. Catie will educate the chapter on the voting process for membership selection and ensures the chapter follows appropriates procedures.

Laney Logue

Vice President of Community Relations

Laney leads chapter initiatives that impact the community at large. The VPCR strives to build strong partnerships with other organizations on and off campus.

Natalia Garcia

Director of Philanthropy Chair

Natalia oversees the chapter’s philanthropic fundraising efforts to establish a culture of philanthropy and passionate service in chapter members. Natalia leads chapter education regarding Tri Delta’s philanthropic approach, to include Tri Delta’s Foundation, the fight to end childhood cancer at local and regional levels and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Jessica Willey

Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Jessica serves as the Director of PR and Marketing. She manages the chapter's external relations through social media and within the community.

Megan Torres

Director of Social Events

Megan organizes external events with the chapter such as date parties and formal.