Chapter Leadership

Breil Bonaguro

Chapter President

Breil is serving as the 2020 Collegiate Chapter President for the Epsilon Nu Chapter of Tri Delta. As President, Breil leads weekly chapter meetings, attends meetings for each committee (Standards, Officers Training Council, Membership Selection Committee, etc.), and acts as the main point of for contact for Epsilon Nu.

Lindsey Ellis

VP Administration

Lindsey is currently serving as Vice President of Administration. She plans and executes Officer's Council meetings, manages administrative tasks for the chapter, and is a member of the Officer's Training Committee.

Chloey Ishii

VP Public Relations

Chloey is our current Vice President of Public Relations. Chloey manages all of the the chapter's social media platforms such as the Instagram, Facebook, wesbite, etc., leads the PR Team, and plans chapter events such as Parents' Weekend.

Maria Sanderson

VP Chapter Development

Maria is Tri Delta’s current Vice President of Chapter Development. She plans all chapter ritual events such as initiation and leads our Standards Committee.

Keri Caputo

Vice President of Finance

Keri is currently serving as Vice President of Finance. As VPF, she manages the chapter's budget, keeps track of dues, and serves on the Standards Committee.

Mary Ren Moench

VP Membership

Mary Ren is serving as the Chapter’s Vice President of Membership. As VPM, Mary Ren plans formal recruitment and other recruiting events as well as leads the Membership Team.

Kaira Wong


Kaira is our chapter Secretary. As secretary, Megan takes minutes at meetings, writes and publishes the chapter's weekly newsletter and works on other administrative tasks.

Hannah Miller

Room Manager

Hannah is serving as Room Manager for Epsilon Nu this year. She is responsible for the chapter's storage, booking rooms for events, and coordinating with officers on materials needed for chapter events.

Meghan Caito

Continuing Education Chair

Meghan is currently serving as our Continuing Education Chair. As CEC, Meghan plans senior week events, teaches the chapter about the history and ritual of the fraternity, and is a member of the Officer's Training Committee.

Abbey Torrence

Music Chair

Abbey is currently serving as our Music Chair. Abbey teaches the chapter music for initiation and writes songs for the chapter to sing during recruitment.

Rhea Rangarajan

Member Development

Rhea is our Membership Development Chair. She facilitates our sisterhoods and retreats. Some of the recent events Rhea has planned are hikes to Crystal Cove, Disneyland dates, and private gym classes.

Alissa Hattori

Reference Chair

Alissa is currently serving as our chapter’s Reference Chairman. She is the head of the behind-the-scenes aspects of recruitment.

Karmen Pantoja

New Member Educator

Karmen is currently serving as New Member Educator. Karmen assists our new members during the entire NM process by planning and leading new member meetings and helping new sisters get acclimated into the chapter. She is also a member of the Standards Committee.

Lauren Moghimi

Sponsor Chair

Lauren is currently serving as Sponsor Chair. As Sponsor Chair, she plans events for new members to meet active members and facilitates the big/little pairing process.

Nicole Merkel

Activities Chair

Nicole is serving as Activities Chair. She coordinates teams to participate in other chapters' events and credits sisters for their community service hours.

Kirsten Timm

Philanthropy Chair

Kirsten is currently serving as our philanthropy chair. She plans our philanthropy events and is the liaison between Chapman Tri Delta and St. Jude.

Sarah Kashani


Sarah is currently serving as Treasuer. She assists Keri, our VPF, by keeping track of the officer budgets, managing purchase requests and reimbursements, and more.

Ivanna Rea


Ivanna is our Licensing Chair. She designs all of the chapter's Tri Delta apparel to ensure the we're always looking good!

Adamary Saldana

Social Chair

Adamary is our current Social Chair. As Social Chair, Adamary plans many of our social events including date parties, formals, and exchanges.

Camille Toomey

Risk Management Chair

Camille is currently serving as Risk Management Chair. She helps plan social events alongside Adamary, teaches the chapter about possible risks we may encounter as college students, and implements our Behind Happy Faces mental health awareness campaign.

Maddy Rehling

Panhellenic Delegate

Maddy is our Panhellenic Delegate. She is Tri Delta’s representative to Panhellenic, the liaison between Panhellenic and Tri Delta, and works on strengthening our bond with other sororities on campus.

Michelle Separzadeh

Collegiate-Alumna Relations

Michelle is currently serving as our Collegiate Alumnae Relations Chair. She communicates regularly with Epsilon Nu alumnae (as well as local alumnae chapters), plans events for active members and alumnae to reconnect, and helps plan our yearly Founder's Day celebration, where we get to celebrate Tri Delta's founding with all of the other Southern California chapters.

Gabby Butler

Chapter Correspondent

Gabby is our Chapter Correspondent. She visits other chapters' meetings to get the word out about our events and helps manage our internal PR.

Sarit Ashkenazi

Body Image Coordinator

Sarit currently serves as our Body Image Coordinator. She sets up tabling events to spread messages of body positivity!

Kitkat Fisher

Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Kitkat serves as our diversity and inclusion chair. She works to promote a more understanding and welcoming community while celebrating each of our differences and backgrounds. Kitkat works with the cross-cultural center to promote diversity and inclusion education and programming for internal and external events.

Shayla Jameison

Assistant New Member Educator

Shayla serves as our assistant new member educator. Shayla helps Karmen assist new members during the entire new member process and helps lead new members to meetings to help new members gradually transition into the chapter.

Laurel Tamayo

Assistant New Member Educator

Laurel serves as our assistant new member educator. Laurel helps Karmen assist new members during the entire new member process and helps lead new members to meetings to help new members gradually transition into the chapter.

Megan Woolley

Assistant Recruitment Chair

Megan serves as our assistant recruitment chair. She works with Mary Ren to help plan programming and recruitment activities throughout the year.

Maile Wong

Assistant Philanthropy Chair

Maile serves as our assistant philanthropy chair. She works alongside Kirsten to plan events and strengthen our partnership with St. Jude and our local philanthropy Children's Hospital of Orange County.